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When I first had a real in-depth look into “Sin City” I was doing a college project on comic book films, and as soon as I researched the film, I was hooked from then on, and when I finally got the Blu-Ray not so long ago, I couldn’t wait to sit back and get ready for what I was expecting to be a well made film, what I got was a comic book with actors, and yes, that is a compliment, in fact, it is probably the biggest compliment I could give to a comic book movie. From the start I knew it would be reliable to the comic as Robert Rodriquez invited Frank Miller to co-direct the film, and for those who don’t know who Frank Miller is, he is the creator of Sin City, as well as many other comic books, but we won't get into that, so we are almost guarantied that it will be faithful to the story, in fact, it is apparently word for word the same as the comic.

Now on to my thoughts of the film, well, the film opens with a woman walking out onto a balcony, looking among Basin City, now this is one of the greatest shots of the film, reason because, everything is Black & White, except the woman’s dress which is red, oh wait, there’s more, when ‘The Salesman’ (Josh Hartnett) lights the woman a cigarette, her eyes turn green as he lights it, and after The Salesman shoots her the camera zooms out to show Basin City with a few dots of red car light among this Black & White world, which ends up creating the Sin City logo, and that is just the opening scene. I know that I am really gushing over this one scene, but the way I explained it doesn’t do it justice, just watch it, and see how much of a visual spectacle it is, and this scene sets up what the rest of the film is.

There is something you should know before going into this film and that is the film is a “Tarantino” style film, by that I mean it is in the style of Pulp Fiction as there are a variety of stories that tie in with one and another, and I love the way they tie in, it is very subtle and smart at the same time. I love the fact that everyone has his or her own favourite storyline in the film, because I was talking to a friend of mine after watching the film, and he was saying how ‘The Big Fat Kill’ was his favourite, and mine being ‘That Yellow Bastard’. One more thing I loved about this film was that it had that “comic booky” style to it, for example, when Wendy was driving her car into Marv, he went flying up in the air and falling back down onto the floor, and whenever a grenade went off, the people just flew up in the air instead of getting blown up, but it still had the gritty realism to it.

Overall I think that Frank Miller's Sin City is a visual masterpiece with fantastic acting to go with it, and it shows that Hollywood needs to get more people from the comic book industry involved with the making of comic book films.

There has been a sequel announced and I am more than happy to see what the Miller/Rodriquez team will do next within the Sin City universe.

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