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Where do I start with this review, no really, where do I start, I watched S. Darko for the first time yesterday, I wasn’t planning on watching it but a friend of mine got it for me (knowing I am a huge Donnie Darko fan, and he got it for me just to annoy me) and so I decided to watch it, and actually I was going to write my review yesterday right after I watched it, but most likely the review would have ended up like this: b b vbvn njmnjhnbbv b vcsda`z Afchj. That was my head, hitting my keyboard that would have been the entire review if I wrote it yesterday, because I was so ANGRY at this film.

I mean this film is meant to be the sequel to Donnie Darko, and Donnie is only mentioned once in the entire thing, oh and before I get too in-depth into why I hated this thing, I’ll warn you that there is spoilers in this review, you shouldn’t care, because you shouldn’t see this film. Okay I’m just going to get straight to the point and say what really frustrated me, okay, so not even half way through the film, Samantha Darko was killed by getting run over by a car, this then led to her “best-friend” played by Briana Evigan, which the film made her out to be an awful friend, and an overall horrible person, and guess what, the film then gives her the entire weight of the film on her shoulders for about 15 minutes. The film then expects us to feel sorry for her and care for her, when the whole time she has been an awful person to Samantha, the film then tries to pull off a Donnie Darko type of mind trip to show that Evigan went back in time to kill herself, so Sam lived, so we wasted 15 minutes when we could have killed off Evigan’s character in 1 minute. You’re probably going to say “it is to show that it is a Donnie Darko film with the time travel aspect” and I would agree, but this is the first out of many uses of time travel, part of the magic of Donnie Darko was the fact he only discovered time travel until the end, and it wasn’t an overused thing.

Another thing that really annoyed me was this, Frank the Bunny, yes Frank, he was a very important character in the first film as well as many peoples favourite character, and then you see a new style of Frank on the S. Darko poster, then you watch the film, Frank isn’t in it, Frank's mask is in it, but not Frank, he is only included on the poster to try to get fans of the first film to see it.

I could go on and on about this mess, but I'll try to make this more of a review, and not a rant, so I will be more “professional”, another bad thing about the film is the writing, there is so many irrelevant scenes in it, for example, there is a scene where the local priest and Samantha are in an empty cinema (trying and failing to reference the first film) and the priest tries to ‘have his way’ with Samantha, she then runs off, and that scene is never mentioned again.

Would it be overreacting if I said S. Darko is the worst film I have ever seen, because it is, it is the worst film I have ever seen, it is a spit in the face to Donnie Darko fans, it is a spit in the face to all film fans, it is a spit in the face to everyone who watches films, woo, I think I got my point across.

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