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I first learnt about ‘The Machinist’ by watching a Christian Bale biography on the Bio Channel, and I wanted to watch it as Bale is my favourite actor, and all I chose to do with this film was to read a small synopsis and that was it, and I was right to do so as after I saw the film I watched the trailer, and, well, I’ll get to that later on in this review, but any way, the review.

Writing this review is harder than you would think, it’s because it is a film that should be watched by anyone (well, minus the queasy) yeah, I’ll admit it, there is a few graphic images, but nothing too major. This film is better if you know less about it; it has the ‘Donnie Darko’ effect where it is an outstanding masterpiece, especially if you don’t know that much about it.

The film follows Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale) who starts having strange events occurring in his life, and the way you see Trevor slowly lose his sanity to the events really grips you and makes you feel that you’re losing your sanity along with him. I feel Bale gave his best performance in my opinion, I don’t think it is his best film, but it is his best performance by far, and my gosh, who ever says Christian Bale does not have dedication to his acting roles, then they must be living in opposite day because he lost SOOOO much weight, in fact he wanted to lose more and Brad Anderson had to stop Bale, as Stevie said “if you lost anymore weight you wouldn’t exist”.

Oh and the trailer, yeah DON’T watch it before watching the film, I mean seriously, don’t, it gives way too much away, and the main plot twist, so yeah, don’t watch the trailer.

‘The Machinist’ is not only a cult classic, but it is a film classic, and one of my favourite films of all time, with a very strong performance by Christian Bale, he still proves to be one of the greatest actors of film today and dare I say, of ALL TIME!!!

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