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So I watched ‘Chef’ yesterday expecting a feel good comedy (and to be starving by the end of it), and what I got was exactly that, a feel good comedy which made food look better then I have ever seen it on screen.

Right, the positives, first of all the acting by everyone was great, I felt all the actors had great chemistry with each other, especially Jon Favreau and Emjay Anthony (who played Favreau’s son), the relationship between these two was not a sappy father/son story, it was pretty realistic and I was actually pretty invested into their story arc. I thought John Leguizamo was great as Favreau’s friend, and he could of very well of been extremely annoying (such as Sid from Ice Age) but I found he had some of the funniest moments (on a side note, I’m still glad he never became Del Boy, no one can replace David Jason). For the one scene he was in, Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant, he was essentially playing Tony Stark if he wasn’t as rich and never became Iron Man.

The screenplay by Jon Favreau might be one of my favourites of 2014, it was witty, funny and every moment felt real and natural. Probably my favourite part of the film was the use of social media, it played a big part in the film without being oversaturated, again it felt natural, that’s basically my main praise to the film, it felt natural and real, and that shows in the story as there wasn’t any big dramatic moment in the film, or any clichéd twist that would make it melodramatic like most mainstream comedies these days, it just felt we were watching a moment within this character’s life.

Other positives I have to mention are the soundtrack and the cinematography, first of all the soundtrack had great tracks, a lot of the times I found myself tapping my foot due to how catchy and happy these songs were, I would definitely want to purchase this soundtrack for the summer. And the cinematography, well how do I put this, IT WAS SO GOOD, and I mean that in the way Kramer Morgenthau shot the food and the making of the food was so good, I had to pause the film to get something to eat and I already had my lunch prior to watching the film.

Negatives I have with the film was that I felt some of the character’s story arcs weren't fully finished, such as Scarlett Johansson, she had a decently big part in the beginning, but as soon as we get to Miami we don’t hear from her again and we’re not so sure what happened to her story, the same can be said for Bobby Cannavale’s character but he wasn’t as big of role as Scarlett’s character. Although Sofia Vergara did a good job, I just felt her character was too generic and had nothing special as far as personality.

I really enjoyed ‘Chef’ it had great acting, great father/son chemistry, a fantastic screenplay, toe-tapping soundtrack, delicious looking food and a few story arcs that felt unfinished and underdevelopment.

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