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About me.

Founder of RNQ Films

Co-host of The Intermission

Host of And We're Rolling... Podcast

Camera operator for NORTH Wrestling

Founder of Heel Pictures

Film, TV & Theatre Production Student at The Northern School of Art
I am a filmmaker from Hartlepool, currently based in the North East of England.

Although I have experience in the roles of editor, cinematography, and camera operating, I specialise in writing and directing. Since 2011 I have been making short films based around the films that I was most passionate about in that moment - and as time has gone on I have developed into taking my cinematic influences to tell stories centred around human drama that explore themes of realism and existentialism.

Alongside creating my own original narrative content, I have also brought my creativity to videography where I currently work fluidly with the passionate crew of NORTH Wrestling - and also have previously worked to record theatre performances in a similar event set-up. Even if not created for the big screen, my aim with any project I am involved in is to present it from a cinematic point-of-view.
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